Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders' Association of New Zealand (Inc)

This Association was founded in 1976. There are now twelve branches throughout New Zealand, and members range from small block owners to those with large commercial flocks. Some produce wool for use in their own handcrafts such as spinning, felting and weaving, or to sell to craftspeople. Others are involved in commercial production of natural coloured wool products, or breed for high quality sheepskins. Some do not own sheep, but have an interest in natural coloured wool.

Shared objectives include producing the best possible sheep and wool, and promoting coloured wool for its special qualities. There is a Registered Purebred section which aims to produce and record sheep that display the best characteristics of their breed.

The management of the Association is vested in a Management Committee of six members comprising a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and a representative each from the North and South Islands.

A number of committees will undertake specific responsibilities for the Association, and there will be other responsibilities assigned to individual members

For other enquiries about coloured sheep and the Association, contact the Secretary, Shirley Wallace, 159 McBrydie Rd, RD 2, Upper Moutere, 7175, ph 03 526 7022, or email

For local information, contact your nearest branch

coloured flock against a mountain backdrop Spring time twin lambs fleeces displayed at the 2004 World Congress
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