Wairarapa Branch

Checking out the lambs at a Field Day

The Wairarapa Branch has members ranging from northern Wairarapa to the Hutt Valley in the south. Some of our members have been involved as long as the Association has been in existence and still enjoy the company even if they no longer have sheep. We regularly hold field days and visits to members' properties to see how everyone is developing their own individual interests in coloured sheep. A regular field day is held to visit several flocks soon after lambing. This is always an interesting one with a variety of color patterns and breeds to view and discuss.

Displays are held at the two local A & P Shows where members are able to sell their produce as well as enjoy a rather social occasion. A good number of interested people usually stop by to have a look.

The last Sunday in November we hold a Baling Day where members are able to pool their wool and by selling collectively, obtain a better price than the individual would for a small amount of wool This is a busy day and with most members turning up to help out with the sorting and baling it is also a good learning experience.

We meet every second month and newsletters normally go out after every meeting to keep members informed of any forthcoming events. If there is a particular problem a member has we will do our very best to cover it, either with personal assistance or a group field day if it is of more general interest to other members as well. Often a member is able to phone another in the near vicinity for some friendly advice or support.

Our diplay at the 2008 Wairarapa A and P Show

Our meetings are generally held at the new Shear Discovery NZ Centre in Masterton. This is a venture that we are particularly proud of and delighted to be able to support in any way we are able.

We are happy to supply anyone interested in coloured sheep with a copy of our latest newsletter and we welcome new faces at any of our field days.

Our 2008 program will include field days to members' properties and a lamb walk in the spring. See our events page for more details

For further information or a copy of the Branch newsletter contact any of the members below:

Bill Lundie, (President), 06 304 9485

Peter Cameron, (Secretary), 06 377 1080

Lesley, Jeannette and Phil enjoying a tour of Richard and Rosemary Drake's property in Tangiteroria Baling Day photo courtesy of the Evening Standard little girl feeding coloured lambs
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