Registered Purebred Flocks

image of merino ram bred by Ellen & Bruce Anderson, Monuina, Geraldine, South Canterbury

The aim is to maintain purebred registered flocks that consistently breed true to type. The Register was established in New Zealand in 1985.

Stock and semen are available from breeders of registered flocks. Breeders in other countries interested in importing sheep or semen from New Zealand should initially contact the Association Secretary to arrange for the necessary documentation.

The Rules and Regulations of our Registered Purebred section must be adhered to:

  • A history of the flock's purebred origin must be provided at the time of registration and breeding records of the individual sheep must be available whenever the animals are inspected.
  • All sheep inspected must be wearing numbered metal or plastic ear tags with flock prefix, year of birth and sheep's number as a permanent form of indentification. (Sheep without these tags will not be inspected).
  • Minimum fleece length at time of inspection: Merino - 2cm; other fine wool - 3cm; strong wool - 5cm.
  • Administration costs a fee of $25.00 will be charged to register a flock, plus a fee of $1.00 per head for each sheep registered.

Further details are printed in the Registered Breeds Handbook (PDF 179 KB) and in the Association's Flock Book.

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Anyone wanting further information about registered purebred sheep should contact the Registrar, Sydney Shep, Aeolia, PO Box 6386, Wellington,

coloured flock against a mountain backdrop Spring time twin lambs fleeces displayed at the 2004 World Congress
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