The World of Coloured Sheep

The front cover of The World of Coloured Sheep

"The World of Coloured Sheep"
edited by Roger Lundie and Elspeth Wilkinson

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Published for the 6th World Congress on Coloured Sheep (Christchurch 2004), "The World of Coloured Sheep" is a complete guide to raising coloured sheep for their wool.There are ten sections:

  1. Sheep Breeds, an Historical Look
  2. The Wool Fibre and Fleece
  3. Coloured Sheep Breeds Used for Producing Handcraft Wool
  4. Purebreeding and Crossbreeding
  5. Genetic Aspects of Breeding Coloured Sheep
  6. Managing Coloured Sheep to Produce the Perfect Fleece
  7. Marketing the Coloured Fleece and Products
  8. The Hair Sheep and the Karakul
  9. The Handcraft Use of Coloured Fleece
  10. Traditional Handcraft Produced from Coloured Wool

Over 100 authors from around the world have contributed about 140 articles. They include:

  • Dr Carol Rhoades, Prof Phil Sponenberg, Connie Taylor, Ingrid Painter (USA)
  • Pat and Dave Regardsoe, Dr Jeanie Muddle, Dr Ian Gill, Dr David Kinsman, Sue Petrie, Mary Castell, Michael Woodhead, Lawrence Alderson, Dr June Morris (UK)
  • Jean-Paul Robert (Switzerland)
  • Raul Perezgrovas (Mexico)
  • Scott and Alwyn Dolling, Marree Vinnicombe, Wendy Dennis, Suzie Horne (Australia)
  • Dr Roland Sumner, Bruce Tinnock, Dr George Wickham, Prof Hugh Blair, Cheryl Eldridge, Roger Lundie, Elspeth Wilkinson, Dr Andy Bray, Dr Charles Martin, Anne Field, Nola Fournier, Margaret Stove and Richard Ashford (New Zealand)

With 248 pages, a hard cover and many colour photographs, this magnificent book will be an indispensible reference for anyone who is interested in coloured sheep or uses natural coloured wool.

A few readers' comments on "The World of Coloured Sheep"

  • '...most useful for the target audience... The editing and overall presentation make it very easy and friendly to use.' Michael Woodhead, England
  • 'I've read my new book cover to cover and enjoyed it all. Such a treat to have color photos.' Connie Taylor, New Mexico, USA
  • 'We will get no work done until it is read cover to cover and back again... wonderful presentation, congratulations to all involved with editing, design etc and bringing so much together... totally delighted with it.' Rosemary Wilkinson, Falkland Islands

Reviews of "The World of Coloured Sheep"

coloured flock against a mountain backdrop Spring time twin lambs fleeces displayed at the 2004 World Congress
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